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30 Day Drawing Challenge

Every day, for 30 days, I draw and post.

Why am I Doing This?

I'm transitioning to make being an artist a daily reality. I feel passionate about sharing my work, and my hope is that not only will a challenge help my embody a creator, but more people will connect with me. 


But Wait! I need your help! 


By the End of the Challenge, I'd like to raise $300 to help me pursue my art even further. 


This can be done with a 1-time donation on Gofundme


Or you can sign up on Patreon to become a monthly subscriber. During this time, you will receive a free postcard print if you pledge $5 or more!

How This Works

I'm drawing every day for the next 30 Days using this list.


Then I post it on my social channels including: Facebook| Instagram| Tumblr| Patreon| Gofundme

  • Facebook - Black Circle
  • Instagram - Black Circle
  • Tumblr - Black Circle
  • art of elura patreon
  • gofundme

I Need Your Support 

There are 4 Main ways you can help me

1.) Like, Share, Follow me on social media Channels. It's free and you encourage me!


2.) Make a one-time donation on GoFundMe , even $1 goes a long way.


3.) Subscribe to me monthly on Patreon . If you sign up for $5 or more a month during this time you will receive a free print. 


4.) Sign up on my email list to receive exclusive offers and updates. I will continue to give out goodies during this challenge!

Check out the Latest Drawing on Instagram!

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