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Sketchbook Diaries

I love a couple of things: nature, photography, adventure, illustrations, paintings, music, and storytelling. What I often share on social media, is just a finished product, and a small glimpse of what goes on in my world. 

With the Sketchbook Diaries, I'm bringing my world to you. This is my journal, my stories, my inspiration. 


I have tons of sketches from challenges, studies, classes, and pure boredom. I don't post all of it in social media because I often want to showcase the finished product. But I think the ideas that started it all are just as important too. 



I get requests for concepts and ideas often. The piece below is a custom tattoo design before color. The idea was a mermaid blend with cuttlefish, rainbow colors, a classic mer-pose, but with a slightly chunky look (Big and Beautiful was requested)

sirena illustration

Figure Drawing

The human body is fascinating and poses quite the challenge when drawing live. The piece below is white charcoal on a navy blue background and is one of my favorite. 

Artofelura figure drawing

My Strange Heart

I get these visions and dreams, and in them I meet strange characters that tell a tale from the inner workings of my heart. Bun girl is one of them and she had a message of shedding what no longer serves us. Done in hand-dipped ink.

Dead bunnygirl

How to Get Access to the Sketchbook Diaries 

The Sketchbook Diaries are only accessible through a member login. You can create a login after subscribing to me on Patreon.

Why Is This Subscription Based?

This following work is something I would normally keep to myself. I choose to mainly share finished work on my social channels. This page was created to allow my biggest fans a deeper connection with me. 

To me, my journals are special, and they're not just for everyone. This is exclusive and you could be a part of it. 

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