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Waking Up Through Nature

Photography by Elura, blue hue, winter forest of Yosemite Valley, snowy meadow, and clouds covering mountains
Snowy Yosemite Valley

Four years ago I woke up at sunrise to the sound of morning birds. Inhaled fresh pine, unzipped my tent, and felt cold wind nip my cheeks as I gazed upon three sentry peaks encompassing the valley I camped in.

The following days I would hike on trails that would make my legs collapse and challenge me in ways I didn’t think was possible. Through the sweat and grime, I felt at peace, in a way I hadn’t felt in a very long time.

I became an entity of movement, at home in an ancient forest, and far away from the demands of the modern-day nightmare I was actually trapped in.

I could go on about my past leading me to that moment of freedom, but it’s a familiar setting that is easier to imagine than dwell on. Just picture soul-sucking working and living conditions, in a crumbling relationship and experiencing a magnitude of loss.

But for that brief time in the wild California landscape, I became one of the many small quiet creatures, traversing between the trees and roots.

And it was actually liberating.

Art of Elura Photography, rainy sky overlooking Viejas Mountain, green manzanita in foreground

Liberating can be used to describe a temporary moment of relief, like when one goes on vacation and comes back to their daily lives feeling rejuvenated. Almost like thermodynamics; when pent-up hot air moves to a less pressurized and cooler environment until it’s reached equilibrium.

But in my context, I mean something like entropy; a state of stable normalcy cascading into a state of chaos and undoing in the most beautiful way.

I mean liberating: as is in the girl who went into those woods never came back.

Brooding dark blue clouds hovering over hiker woman in yellow dress disappearing behind dark manzanita. Art of Elura on Viejas Mountain

I haven’t looked back since. That moment sparked a movement in me to change everything I could to reflect that natural state of feeling home and wild. Part of that includes my almost obsessive tendency to be in wilderness and understand nature.

It also fostered a sense of being awake and present in my life. It made me fall in love with words like: unraveling, unfolding, evolving.

Blue sky background, Art of Elura Laughing in corner with bright orange curly hair

About the Blogger: Hi I’m Elura! I’m an avid creator and nature enthusiast in San Diego, and a professional artist.

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